I want to welcome you to my history blog, Bella’s Wild West History. Although confined to this world, I haunt the Old West. If I’m not visiting Texas, Colorado, Nebraska. South Dakota, Wyoming, or Montana, I’m reading about them, researching them, and wishing I was there. I hand sew clothing appropriate from 1860 to 1900, especially the 1880s.

I want to say a special hello to Jonathan and “his wives”– Nici, Casey, Allie, Nicole, Zoe, Briana, Katrina, Mia, Gabby, Chhaya, Shea, and Stacey; to Gideon; and to Henry, my stalwart companion.

Beginning Jan 3, 2012 I will teaching an online class at www.starrwa.org/on-line-workshops/ on women in the American West 1860 to 1900. I call it “To the West. . .and Beyond: Women in the American West 1860 to 1900.” It is geared toward romance writers but any one interested in history will enjoy it.

It is late and I’m tired, after welcoming the New Year with a wounded knee, a migraine and back pain (sacro-iliac joint disease.) I will talk to you all in a day or two.